Baby-led weanifying!

Not even sure that’s a word? Actually, I know it’s not. Anyway…

So far I’ve pretty much made recipes from the Baby-led Weaning recipe book or some cobbled together combination of protein + carb + veg for dinner but I’m getting a bit bored of cooking tarragon chicken. It’s easy to assume that you need to either follow special, baby recipes for little ones or do something really simple but I don’t think that’s the case.

I came across an old cook book that D’s Grandma gave me ages ago – Antony Worrall Thompson’s Weekend Cookbook. Bit random but I had a flick through with the criteria for my recipes being healthy, easy to find ingredients and can be thrown together quickly or prepared in advance.

I came across quite a few that I’d like to make and they only need a few adjustments to make them suitable for giving to Seth.

  • Smoked haddock and potato cakes (the major plus point here being that the fishcakes can be made in advance and refrigerated before cooking so I can make them during one of Seth’s naps).
  • Roast carrot and beetroot salad – Seth LOVES beetroot and I was after a new way to cook it for him (I lack imagination) and this one roasts the beetroot and carrot with garlic and serves with thyme
  • Vegetarian Wellington – this looks so amazing. It’s essentially risotto, roasted peppers and aubergines all layered in a puff pastry case. The recipe recommends jarred roasted peppers and aubergines but they’re so easy to roast yourself and when jarred there’s usually some extra salt to give flavour which is a no-no.
  • Potato and spinach pasta with steamed salmon – we often have steamed salmon with a baked potato and some greens so this is a nice variation. It’s all done in one steamer with the potatoes boiling in the water in the bottom and the salmon steaming above. I like the sound of the minimal washing up here!
  • Marjoram and mozzarella fritters – fritters, patties, meatballs…all ideal things for BLWers. You can make them all different sizes so I do a daddy-sized, mummy-sized and a few baby-sized (aw, how cute am I?). They’re easy for your little one to hold that way and usually easy to chomp on (can you tell I’m the mum of an impatient eater?!)

The only changes I’m making to these recipes are to use low-salt stock for the risotto in the wellington and no salt in any of the recipes. D and I just usually salt our food after cooking if we want but usually, just go without – a healthy bonus!

I’m really looking forward to making these over the coming week or so, it’s nice to have something different for dinner!

Does anyone else have any tips for recipe books that have easily adaptable recipes for children? Please share 🙂


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Gently stay-at-home mum of two boys.
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