14 weeks

Well, I’ve been a little AWOL recently. But I have a good excuse, I promise. I’ve been hanging over the toilet a lot and there’s been a little person sat at my knee who’s not much good when it comes to holding my hair back.

Yes, dear readers, I’m upduffed.

Seth is a year old so we thought “why not?”. Ahem. There will be an 18 month age gap which I am not at all terrified about and I spend my days walking around the house repeating the mantra “they will be best friends, they will be best friends” over and over again.

So, this may become a pregnancy blog now. In fact, I’ve decided, it will definitely become a pregnancy blog. Because what else will I write about now that Seth is a year old, fully weaned and using a spoon and everyfink. Let’s face it, I never got round to writing that much about weaning anyway.

On to the update:

Number of weeks pregnant: 14

Fruit size comparison: Lemon

Baby: Vocal chords are ready (pleeease let them be quieter than Seth’s), is becoming a lot more active and body is covered in fine, downy hair.

How I’m feeling: less tired, with random spurts of energy. Less sickness although still hungry as a horse so I’ll probably start to chunk up now 😉

Appointments: booking in (“didn’t you listen to us when we told you how fertile you’d be?”) and nuchal scan (“how old is your little boy? Ohhh, you’ll have your hands full *annoying smug smile”). Both were fine although I could have done without the enormous complement of Bounty bin-liners given to me at my booking in. I had to walk through town carrying them – I may as well have been ringing a bell and wearing a sandwich board that says “look at me, I’m up the duff”. Great. Samples were better this time round though, so overall a win.

How’s Seth?: Cranky. Teething. Whining and full of dizzying mood swings. Ah the toddler years.


About Kelly

Gently stay-at-home mum of two boys.
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