Baby-led weaning at 1 year

So we made it to a year! I thought it might be nice to reflect upon the last six months since Seth started solid food and let you all know how he is getting on.

In general, he’s great <insert proud mum icon here>, he will try most things we put in front of him (even if they are met with grim disapproval after tasting) and he’s throwing things a lot less.

He’s dropped all daytime milk feeds, the last one he dropped being the mid-morning one. It was actually trickier than I thought which threw me a little. He’d been having his milk in a straw cup for a month or so and sometimes he was completely unfussed by it but I carried on offering as he hadn’t reached a year and I was worried about him not having All The Calcium. In the end, about a week before his first birthday, I ran out of formula and decided I would just switch this feed to cow’s milk. “It’ll be eeeeeeasy” I thought. Ha.

He was having None Of It. He would drink the milk up through the straw, pull a face and then just let it fall out of his mouth without even attempting a swallow. This would happen a few more times before he would get so cross that the straw cup would be unceremoniously launched. Great.

So I became the mum who made her special little boy his own special little smoothie out of cow’s milk and some nice fresh fruit; usually banana or strawberry. Little prince. I ended up gradually reducing the amount of banana or strawberry in his milk until I realised I was dirtying up my blender for the sake of whizzing one single strawberry into some milk. Do you know what a b*tch those things are to clean? We don’t even have a dishwasher! I gave him cow’s milk on it’s own the next day and he was abso-bloody-lutely fine. Bah.

On to more positive things. Sort of.

The spoon throwing is less, thank goodness. My patience was wearing thin with that one. He will now pick up pre-loaded spoon, eat whatever’s on it, sometimes chew it a bit and then hand it back to me. Progress.

He will not tolerate plain fish of any kind. Which is really annoying because I don’t eat meat but D must have some kind of flesh with each meal so fish is normally a good compromise. However, at the moment, fish makes me barf (see here for why) so we’re not eating it a whole lot.

He’s developed a slightly more sensitive pallet and cried A Lot last night when I served him curry. To be fair, it made my eyes water so maybe it was a little spicy. I had to mix some plain yoghurt in it, poor lamb.

He’s also had his first taste of proper cake. Up until this point (despite massive pressure) we hadn’t given Seth any kind of cake, sweets, chocolate or normal biscuits (baby biscotti, yes, because, well, it’s biscotti). On his first birthday, we took him home after his party and offered him a small piece of his birthday cake. We sat in eager anticipation of his reaction. ‘Will he love it?’, ‘will he hate it?’, ‘will he spit it out and demand cheese?’. None of the above. He sat, he ate, he finished, he went off and tinkled on his new toy piano. I’m teaching him how to say ‘anti-climax’ for his third word.

Now for a slightly sentimental part.

I would not change the way that I have weaned Seth for the world. It’s been hard at times, even wasteful, to see some lovingly prepared food smeared over the walls, on the floor and in the cat. But it’s been a huge pleasure too. His fine motor skills are pretty good now and every one of them he’s developed in his high chair before he’s taken them in to play time (banging food together, passing food from one hand to the other) and he’s patient (mostly) when it comes to eating. He has his moments, sure, but he’s generally happy to watch others eat and ‘participate’ in a meal time instead of demanding our full attention.

It’s been a real eye-opener for me in other ways too. One of the reasons I gave up breastfeeding was that I just couldn’t cope with not knowing how much he’d drank. It drove me to distraction. I thought that I might be the same about weaning, because if I’d been pureeing and spoon-feeding I’d have a much better idea about consumption. But it’s actually made me relax and not worry about it so much, I trust that he takes what he needs.

Sometimes, I know he’s probably eaten a lot less than normal and that might mean a shorter nap or that he actually might want some extra milk afterwards or as a snack later but who cares? If I have to serve lunch a little early or get some extra milk out of the fridge, what’s the big deal? None at all.

I will definitely do the same next time round. Poor cat.


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