Week in review

New feature alert! If I can remember to do it weekly, would you like to read about our week? It might be boring, but it might be terribly exciting and full of drama. You won’t know unless you read it!

This week, I’ve mainly been ill. Off to a great start, this feature, eh?

I’ve had the mother of all colds which well and truly sucks when you are pregnant because you can’t take ANYTHING! I’m not usually one to reach for medication, preferring the martyred wailing approach to being ill but I needed a Lemsip so badly this week. Woe is me.

So for Monday and Tuesday I went to bed. For most of the day. My heroic in-laws saved my a$$ by looking after Seth for me which was holy hell great fun for them because on Monday he started cutting his molars. (I was ill, honest. I was definitely not curling up smugly in bed whilst they dealt with a snotty, wheezy, whiny one year old).

Wednesday I needed AIR! I had been inside since Sunday evening and had serious cabin fever. So we met my auntie for a coffee, told her my news and dragged her off to Hartbeeps where I sat, Seth crawled and she knackered herself out by crawling after him. Everywhere. She’ll learn.

Thursday I thought would be nice to spend a day just me and the kid. A nice little co-sleeping nap in the morning, a spot of shopping and a long snooze for him in the afternoon whilst I blog. His teeth seemed to have calmed down so this will be great. Or so I thought. The gremlin returned and I ended up being totally fried by 11am.

The blissful co-sleep in the morning lasted for all of half an hour so by the time I was dropping off, he decided to wake up and climb the headboard. Then he grizzled his way round the shops until I went to put him in the car and realised his nappy had leaked and he was wet through. Cue a rather eventful nappy change on the back seat where he ended up naked, save for one sock, standing up holding on to the headrest waving his willy at most of Harlow.

He refused all lunch, treating his cheese on toast like a caber-toss and then cried for half an hour when I eventually decided to put him down for his nap early. Peace.

Friday I met a friend for a mooch round a local garden centre that has a petting farm and then some early lunch. Again, Seth threw most of his food (embarrassing when you’re out). When we got home, he managed to get hold of my door keys whilst I was taking my shoes off and I caught him moments before he inserted one of them in to our cat’s bottom.

To top it all off, refused to nap for longer than 20 minutes in the afternoon! I was not happy. Dinner was fish and chip take away for us with a little bit for Seth along with broccoli, peas and green beans.

The weird thing about being a stay-at-home mum? I don’t get that Friday feeling any more. Well, I do. but it’s less excitement and more defeat sometimes! 🙂

What about you? How has your week been?


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Gently stay-at-home mum of two boys.
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