15 weeks

I felt flutters! Bang on the 15 week mark. It was last night after I got out of the bath. It gave me that weird, excited and nervous feeling that I used to get when I first started feeling Seth move.

Quite an exciting development dontchathink?

In other news, I am plagued by (TMI) an upset stomach which goes a little way to explaining why I’ve only put on 2lbs so far. It’s not been debilitating so if it keeps the baby weight off, I’ll happily live with it. I have a weird suspicion it’s the Pregnacare supplement I’ve been taking since finishing my folic acid (and forgetting to take any kind of pre-natal supplement at all in weeks 12-14. Ooops).

I’m not being as sick still which is great and overall, have more energy, during the day at least. At night, my routine is very much kiss Seth goodnight, bath, fall asleep on sofa then stay awake half the night.

So, update time:

Weeks pregnant: 15

Fruit size comparison: Orange

Baby: Can move all joints and limbs. Can sense light through closed eyelids.

How I’m feeling: a little self-conscious about being too far away from my own loo but otherwise well. Some days I’m still dog-tired but I’m now in that weird phase where I don’t feel particularly pregnant because I’ve no sickness or nausea but no bump either. My boobs on the other hand, well, helloooooooooooooo!

Weight gained: 2lbs. You may or may not see this particular update in the weeks and months to come 😉

Appointments: None this week but have got my 16 week appointment with the midwife next week then I think it’s 20 week scan and “oh, hello you’ve had your baby” second time round, isn’t it? 😉

How’s Seth?: Fine, actually. Still has some rosy-cheeked days but we’ve had a lot less crank this week and more smiles, which has been lovely. The biggest plus side of all has seen him start regularly refusing his morning nap which, in turn, has meant a THREE HOUR one in the afternoon on some occasions! And even then, I’ve had to wake him! Bliss. Also, he’s been sleeping through like a boss. No smug face here, no sir 😉

PS I may actually start sharing some bump pictures now. I don’t really have one to speak of but by this point with Seth, I’d already taken a million so I’m feeling like this baby is already a poor, neglected second child. Watch this space.


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Gently stay-at-home mum of two boys.
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