I must be a bit strange in that I really love January.

Every time I turn on the radio or the TV or have a conversation with friends or family, people are saying how boring January is; what an anti-climax you experience after the excitement and anticipation of Christmas.

Maybe I’m being overly ‘glass half full’ but I really enjoy the thrill of the New Year. A completely blank canvas for all your hopes and dream to be played out on over the next 366 days.

Christmas ended earlier than usual for us. We took all of our decorations down on January 1st and everything was safely packed away in the loft the following day. Having a real tree with a toddler and a newly-crawling baby just wasn’t practical any more. I was a bit late getting in to the swing of Christmas this year so I was glad to see it all go, write it off as a hastily put together festive season. Must do better next year.

So I’m all about January and making plans for the year ahead.

I like to write quite complicated New Year’s Resolutions. Those of you who have worked in an organisation where you have performance reviews and appraisals might even say I have SMART objectives 😉 I find them much easier to achieve than negative statements like ‘Must Lose Weight’ and ‘Must Give Up Drinking’.

I’ve got a few plans for this year that I’ll post separately. One of them is to blog more so anything I can do to split out my posts and meet that resolution is happening!

So just to leave you with some reflection on my plans for 2015. Last year I actually kept it really simple: Must Survive The Year With A Toddler and a New Baby.

I think I achieved that 🙂


About Kelly

Gently stay-at-home mum of two boys.
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