Plans for 2016

Every blogger I follow seems to be sharing their hopes and plans for 2016 so why not me?

As I said in my post last week I actually really enjoy the goal-setting fever that January inspires in people and I’m a sucker for a few resolutions.

Blog more – yeah I make this resolution every year. But this is my third post of 2016 and we are only ten days in so I’m doing better than previous years!

Take a family photo each month – this is something I’ve seen on one of my favourite blogs, The Mummy Adventure and I think it’s a lovely monthly tradition to have. It doesn’t have to be a fancy photo in a nice location, just a snapshot of me and my boys.

Reduce the amount of chemicals my family uses – I try and do this generally anyway as having children has really made me aware of just how many unpronounceable chemicals live in our home as a matter of course. But some specific areas I want to work on are my bath and beauty products and baby wipes. Baby wipes are the scourge of the planet and the shocker is, I own a set of bloody cloth wipes, I’m just rubbish at remembering to make them up. Hopefully that will change. If anyone reading this has any suggestions of websites/resources that I can have a look at it would be much appreciated!

Reduce the amount of packaging we use – it’s been really driving me mad that you can’t buy unpackaged fruit and veg in the supermarket. I need to go to more farm shops. We are pretty hot on recycling but I feel that to buy without packaging in the first place would be a much better thing.

Continue with KonMari-ing – this is a big one. At the end of 2015, we had cleared out clothes, jewellery, towels and bed linen, papers, books and DVDs. We still have a long way to go but so far, we’ve been pretty ruthless and I’m determined not to lose momentum.

Introduce more Montessori principles – we’ve naturally followed a very Montessori-style approach to raising the boys, without even really knowing what it was. I’ve recently bought two Montessori books and am keen to put a few more ideas in place. I’m thinking of trying to make one recognisable change each month and having a ‘Montessori in…[month]’ series on the blog. Thoughts? Advice?

Organise photos – our photos on the PC are a mess. They need organising as I can never find anything and badly organised PC files are a huge bug bear of mine.

I think the best way to stay on track with my goals for this year will be to blog about how it’s all coming along monthly. And hopefully that will keep me on top of my first resolution!

As always, thanks for reading x



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4 Responses to Plans for 2016

  1. gibbo1983 says:

    These could be my resolutions lol so much to do and no time to do it.

  2. Katie says:

    Great resolutions to have!! I love these posts.

    I organise my pics on my computer years ago and was the best thing I’ve ever done. Time consuming to start but SO worth the effort! They are all on a hard drive to and every time I upload they get organised into folders to keep it going. I’m a bit of a geek about it now.

    Tmy tip is to organise in folders & give the folders names so that they stay in order. I do mine starting with year then month. For example mine are like this…

    2016 01 woodland walk
    2015 09 our wedding
    2014 12 Christmas

    That way no matter what text you use after the date they will sort into chronological order…

    Fills me with geeky organising excitement to be talking about this haha xxx

  3. I thought I commented on this? It’s disappeared. Will re type it later – sorry lovely xxx

  4. I love this post! Some great ideas for 2016 🙂 I just love new year goal posts!

    I spent ages sorting my pics a few years ago and was the best thing ever!! So worth the pain. I’m a bit geeky with it now though. Every ‘occasion’ goes into a folder. The folders all start with the year then the month then the title so that they organise themselves into chronological order 🤓

    For example:
    2016 01 woodland walk
    2015 12 Christmas time
    2015 09 our wedding
    2013 02 island holiday

    Each time I upload my pics (which I do really regularly now) I organise them like this to keep on top of it.

    I store them all on a hard drive to keep them safe too.

    For some reason my photo organisation brings out an uber geek in me haha xxxxx

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