KonMari: progress part II

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for this (ha!)

Last post I shared how I kicked off the KonMari blitz in our house with clothes, bed linen and accessories.

Now I’ll show you how we got on with papers.


Papers have been a constant source of annoyance to me and it was really tempting to skip the jewellery and towels to get straight to this category. But I’m a purist and Marie Kondo has an order, so…

Neither me or D are particularly disciplined when it comes to filing papers; they tend to end up accumulating around the house until one of us shoves it in a random folder (him) or in a drawer (me). Occasionally, something will end up on our notice board in the kitchen where it will stay for around three months/two years/until it gets unstuck by Seth and kicked under the fridge. As you can probably guess, this method wasn’t really working for us!

I’m quite ruthless when it comes to paperwork and often end up throwing things that are quite important out, whereas D is a bit of a hoarder and keeps things for a zillion years. Again, this works against us…

The result was paperwork mounting up in drifts around the house. Piles in the spare room (used as a study/Max’s bedroom – poor neglected second child); little mounds above the microwave; reams of the stuff in the drawers in our sideboard downstairs. And we could never bloody well find anything!


It took a good couple of weeks to sort through and we approached it quite methodically.

Firstly, we divided in to ‘definitely keep’ (i.e. deeds to our house) and ‘definitely throw’ (invoice for patio doors the previous owners of our house had fitted 10 years ago – yes, really).

Then we sub-divided the ‘throw’ pile in to stuff that could immediately be recycled (didn’t contain any personal details) and things that needed to be shredded.

The ‘keep’ pile we went through again and divided into categories of ‘house’, ‘bills’, ‘payslips’, ‘pension’ etc. Since I left my job two and a half years ago, pretty much the only piece of paper I need is my P45 and my last work pension statement. Having bought a house and re-mortgaged recently, we know that we actually don’t need our last seven year’s worth of payslips for example.

We got rid of LOADS. Seriously, I couldn’t believe it. It took two weeks to sort out and about three weeks to get everything shredded and wedged in to our recycling wheelie bin.

We are now down to one folder that has our birth & marriage certificates, P45/P60, and our most recent household bills/statments. We also have one folder with instruction manuals in, which, I know the book says you don’t need but we plan to move house this year and will be dismantling and re-assembling a lot of furniture so we figured they would be useful. We also have a folder with our house deeds and some important paperwork from our solicitor about the property.

All in all, it fits in to one magazine file. Which is quite a consolidation from The Whole House.

I was going to add our books, CDs and DVDs in to this post but it’s got pretty long again so I’ll save it for another day!


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