KonMari method: toiletries, makeup…

I’m not going to lie, I was looking forward to this.

We are pretty liberal with the boys at home when it comes to baby proofing. Our attitude has been to allow them to explore as much as possible and help them to understand what they shouldn’t and shouldn’t touch, how things should be handled carefully etc. It was fine when it was just Seth and I could keep a close eye on him but now I’m outnumbered during the week this approach is a lot harder! No sooner have I rescued my molten brown shower gel from being tipped down the loo than daddy’s aftershave has been thrown down the stairs 🙈

The difficulty is that we have toiletries in several areas of the upstairs (beginning to see a trend here) so it’s nigh on impossible to keep track of everything. And the boys take advantage of my blind spots!

It has also started to drive me mad that I seem to have endless toiletries but can never find what I need. Another familiar story. D often asks me to pick him up some shower gel for example, and I’m always positive we ‘have some somewhere’ but can never lay my hands on it in that crucial moment. You know as soon as I buy it, four bottles of the stuff will miraculously surface where you least expect it ~sigh~

So it was with quite a bit of excitement that I started rounding up all toiletries, makeup, smellies etc on a rare child-free late afternoon. I kid you not, I filled up two laundry baskets and a toy box. I nearly pulled a muscle moving it all!

I sat in my living room and felt almost physically ill. I don’t want to get too serious but honestly, when did it become acceptable to own this much stuff? It disgusts me if I’m honest.

The joke of it is, I’m actually pretty low maintenance when it comes to my appearance. I wash my hair, take my makeup off, shower and moisturise and occasionally have a nice soak in the bath. I don’t use loads of fancy hair or skin products, don’t wear loads of makeup – I just don’t have time. Even if I did, I’m not sure it would be a priority. So it was reasonably easy to be ruthless. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that this is what I ended up with for my personal stash:

And where the various parts of my upstairs previously looked like this:

It now looks like this:


I am completely delighted with how it all looks. Our every day toiletries for me, D and the boys are on the shelves next to the bath and the rest of our buts that are used less frequently are in the drawers. Seth had his own ‘personal care’ station on one of the shelves in the storage tower so that’s a little piece of Montessori living accomplished too. Goals are being achieved!

I managed to recycle some packaging that was to be disposed of but a lot just had to be binned. It doesn’t feel good if I’m honest. It’s a lesson learned.



As one of my resolutions this year is to make a lot of my own personal products in an effort to cut down on chemicals, I’m hoping that it will mean we, as a family, contribute much less to landfill as we won’t be buying as much new.

I’m off to brush my teeth now, and remove my makeup in my sparkly clutter-free bathroom! 😁😇


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Gently stay-at-home mum of two boys.
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